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The Facts

Benefits of Rowing

Rowing is one of the few non-weight bearing sports that exercises all the major muscle groups, including quads, biceps, triceps lats, glutes and abdominal muscles.  Rowing improves cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.  While rowing, the athelite sits in the boat facing backwards (towards the stern) and uses the oars which are held in place by the oarlocks to propel the boat forward (towards the bough).  It is a sport that develops strong core balance as well as physical strength and overall fitness.


Who Can Row? 

Rowing is unique as a sport in that it can be enjoyed by children from the age of 10 upwards and men and women alike.  The whole family can row and get fit together!  The only pre-requisite is that you must be less than 100kgs, and have enough mobility to get in and out of the boat. 


Teaching Methodology 

We operate a completely different style of teaching to traditional methods.  Our aim is to get people out on the water as quickly as possible to get the fantastic feel of rowing with a team.  It will get you hooked straight away.  Also, there is no falling in or capsizing with our method.  An instructor stays in the boat at all times ensuring it never tips over.  For those who want to progress to take out a single skull on their own we have special floats that stabilise the boat (much like the stabilizers you had on your bike as a child). 


For those who can already row, we can train to whatever level is required.  Some of our rowers come to keep fit; some for the social aspect.  Whatever your aim, our goal is to ensure everybody enjoys the sport.


Getting Started

You don't have to be a member with us to row; single sessions can be booked for as long as you want. There is never any pressure to take a memberhip.  However, if you do get hooked (and we are sure you will!) we have several membership packages to suit all budgets.  Creek rowing must be booked in advance by telephoning Monty on 050 738 0910 or email us at details@montysrowingschool.com.  For Coastal Rowing we can often accommodate sessions without a booking.  However if you want to guarantee availability, please book.


What Should I Wear?


You should wear close fitting, light sports clothing; eg tracksuit pants or cycling/running shorts and a t-shirt.  As you will be walking into the water up to about knee height, it's a good idea to wear beach shoes.   For Creek Rowing, once in the boat, you will be using the fixed training shoes in it so bring a pair of socks with you to put on.  For Coastal Rowing, you can keep your beach shoes on or row bare foot.  A cap and/or well fitting sunglasses is also advisable.  Finally don't forget the sunblock and to bring a bottle of water.  Rowing is thirsty work!